Ain’t no way.

It’s kind of a funny story.  First of all, I was watching a commercial the other day about Canesten, you know the yeast infection cream that relieves us ladies of the burning sensation that no man will ever understand?  Right.  Anyways, yesterday I was feeling really uncomfortable and that’s when it hit me. Good lord, just another thing to add to my really shitty week.  That’s just me being a complainer and that my friends, is never going to change.  Honestly.  A yeast infection?  Then this morning I wake up and guess what?  I go to turn on the news and what do I see, a flippin’ commercial for Canesten.  

Here comes the real rant:

Number one, NO woman in this world is happy about a yeast infection, so dammit lady in the commercial wipe that stupid smile off your face, if you really had a yeast infection then you would laying in bed crying, barely able to walk.  Second, who the hell wants to SHOW OFF that they have a yeast infection.  The lady’s walking around in the commercial with a see threw bag like she’s proud of that shit.  I don’t think so, ain’t no way any woman in this world is one, happy about a yeast infection and two, proud to show it off via see threw bag.  

End rant.

Always, the lovely t.

I am not average and I don’t intend to be.

Well, today as I awoke to see the beautiful sun as it shined upon my face… Just kidding this is not one of those happy stories where everything turns out alright.

Today is just a really horrible day and I really do need to continually tell myself that it’ll be alright.  Part of me feels as if an air craft were to fly threw my window and ruin me I’d almost be okay with it. 

First of all, yes the sun was shining today and it was beautiful… Until I got out of bed.  Obviously the first mistake because what sane person wakes up last minute for an appointment.  Me, that’s right. 

Let’s just clear something up.  I got a ticket the other day for and I quote “disobeying the traffic laws in a construction zone”  OKAY, seriously dude.. The “can’t turn left sign” was not in a very good place and if you expect people to follow the rules in a big city, maybe make your signs more visible!  Anyways, I digress.  Long and the short of it is I needed to switch over my insurance or else it’s a $2800 dollar fine for invalid insurance. 

So I go to get an inspection because when you move provinces you must jump threw hoops and also learn to fly before they even consider helping you.  All of a sudden, this little tiny Asian man, god bless his heart tells me that I don’t pass.. WHY YOU ASK.. Because of a tiny crack on my windshield. I said, sir.. Please, I need to get this done today and in some Asian form said no and the next thing I know I’m driving back to where I’m currently staying.  WHAT THE HELL.  It all happened so fast and next thing you know I am right back at square one and $145 dollars out.

So then I text my boyfriend, who was out with his friends the night before and he just won’t let me come pick him up.  Like what are you hiding?  At this point, my hairs a mess, my make up is EVERYWHERE and I look like I’ve been through it all.

Bottom line, insurance companies suck and so does Alberta. 

What will I do now?  Turn up some obnoxious music, have a cigarette and just cruise.

(even though driving at this point is illegal and I also don’t smoke regularly, I don’t care.)

Always, the lovely t.