Ain’t no way.

It’s kind of a funny story.  First of all, I was watching a commercial the other day about Canesten, you know the yeast infection cream that relieves us ladies of the burning sensation that no man will ever understand?  Right.  Anyways, yesterday I was feeling really uncomfortable and that’s when it hit me. Good lord, just another thing to add to my really shitty week.  That’s just me being a complainer and that my friends, is never going to change.  Honestly.  A yeast infection?  Then this morning I wake up and guess what?  I go to turn on the news and what do I see, a flippin’ commercial for Canesten.  

Here comes the real rant:

Number one, NO woman in this world is happy about a yeast infection, so dammit lady in the commercial wipe that stupid smile off your face, if you really had a yeast infection then you would laying in bed crying, barely able to walk.  Second, who the hell wants to SHOW OFF that they have a yeast infection.  The lady’s walking around in the commercial with a see threw bag like she’s proud of that shit.  I don’t think so, ain’t no way any woman in this world is one, happy about a yeast infection and two, proud to show it off via see threw bag.  

End rant.

Always, the lovely t.