Work place ridicule.

I have missed a few day’s of work due to illness.  Not that it matters, in fact it really has nothing to do with what i’m actually going to write about.  I just wanted you to know, that I was sick.

Anyways, there is a woman I work with, she drives me insane.  I’ve been studying her and please don’t think i’m strange for that, I am a people watcher.  I try to understand and look past the things they do so that I am aware of who I surround myself with on a day to day basis.  This girl is different, she is loud, obnoxious and very blunt in all the wrong ways.

Since the day I have met this girl, I have not liked her.  I have been completely fake to her and I’m not afraid to admit that.  I have judged her and I need to stop because I have just realized something very important :

I am no better then her. I have my ways and she has hers.  I have not befriended this lady on a count that she is probably the most annoying and loud person I have ever encountered.  I have watched her and discovered that I simply don’t want to be her friend because of these faults that she has.  That doesn’t make me a bad person because I am only human and as a human being I am no different when it comes to the judgmental factors of life.  

I could describe to you this girl in many ways and I don’t think i’ll go there because she is not someone I enjoy.  She is someone I have studied and come to the conclusion that one, she is rude, two she is odd in all the ways someone can be odd and three, she is just plain aggravating.   

She has called me a princess and threatened me plenty of times at work.  First of all, miss… I am not a princess, I have grown and worked my ass off my whole life and have been tough when I needed to be and I am not a princess because I know I have gotten my hands dirty more times then she has.  Second of all, I called her Meggy one time to get her attention and her words were and I quote “If you call me that again I will end you.”  Okay, psycho… please take your meds and proceed to the next exit.  Third, she is so vexatious that I had to changed desks to escape her rath.

I will not judge her anymore.  I will not let my insecurities reflect onto this person.  I do not understand her yet, but I think there might be more to her then what she is portraying and maybe it’s my curiosity that wants to learn more about this person or the fact that I sort of feel bad for this girl and maybe it’s just that I have this incredible urge to help and heal people.  

I think she is damaged and tries to cover it up, honestly I just don’t know and I intend to find out.  

I will not judge, I will learn.

Always, the lovely T.