Just thinking

This morning I’ve been pretty busy.  I’ve cleaned my whole house and managed to get some studying done.   I’m sitting here now was my decafe coffee and the sun on my face at my kitchen table. I really enjoy this moment.  It’s peaceful like nothing can stop me at all right now.  My mind is just a working. 

So I know that majority of the reasons I have started this blog were to just vent out all my problems and realizations and also a lot of other things.  Basically anywhere this big mind will wonder.

Today i’m going to vent about Dustin again.  My friend called me at like 6 this morning drunk out of her tree and said she needed help.  So all I did was talk to the guy she was with wondering what was going on and if my friend was okay.  Dustin freaked out about me being on the phone with a guy.   WHO CARES.  It’s not like we were having passionate phone sex and I wasn’t even nice to the guy.  It’s so frustrating.  I don’t even know.

Also, Christmas.  Well it’s coming up pretty fast and i’m glad I have all mine done.  Because stores are crazy and if one more person bumps into and smiles i’ll bitch slap the shit out of them.  End rant.

I did all this baking then realized that basically I know no one in this new town and giving it to new neighbours kind of seems odd.. like Hi I don’t know you but if you’d like to try these macaroons then it’s pretty 50/50 they are either poisoned or delicious.  Merry Christmas.

LOL.  oh my god.  This whole thing is just a mess.  I think i’ll crawl back into bed for about… ever.


Always, The lovely t