Oh and it’s strong.

The last few months Dustin and I have not been getting along.  I mean we have had some major fights.  It’s making me question our whole relationship.  Actually, basically the last year of our relationship.  It’s hard because everytime we say were going to put in a solid effort it always goes sour within a week.  Not only that but it’s always over something so trivial and so not important.  I’m just frustrated because I love him, but is it possible to love someone too much?

Okay, so I have some big thoughts on that one.  I know it seems as if I start off writing about something that I am seriously wondering about… or just to rant and then end up answering my own questions.  That’s okay I suppose or maybe it’s a bad habit.  Any way, I think that it could potentially be possible to love someone too much and I say that because there is a point in EVERYONES relationship where you almost hit rock bottom.  For some “rock bottom” might be throwing a mushroom at your partner’s head and then calling it a day.  Other’s my be being unfaithful or straying.  I think it all stems from loving that person too much.  Let’s face it, when you love someone or something so deeply, what’s the one thing you’re afraid of?  It’s simple, losing it or him/her.  Thus the whole, rock bottom thing.  You resort to doing things and acting out like you wouldn’t normally do.  Instead of having your happy medium, you’re creating chaos and stress that is not needed.  Virtually, you being to push away the thing you love the most. 

Personally, I hate those stupid little things that tell you how love should be and what you should expect and then another one comes along saying “don’t expect anything and you’ll never be disappointed”  It’s just so stupid.  We create our own happiness and love.  Who cares if it’s not exactly like Jane’s love down the road… Honestly Jane can go eff herself two ways till sunday for all I care.  I think that love is something that’s supposed to be pure… FROM THE HEART.  It is what it is, and it’s what you make it. 

So maybe it’s a new love, or an old love… But I encourage people to find the love that fits them.  You want to know why divorce is so high these day’s?  Because people give up, they stop fighting for the love they once had for a person, they make up a thousand excuses as to why they shouldn’t be together… What about why you SHOULD be together, the love you had, the spark that drew you to that person in the first place.  The way he or she looked walking up the stairs, or into the bar.  Anything.  I just don’t understand how people these day’s find it so damn easy to give up.  Break ups are one thing, but marriage and a life with someone is completely different.  Didn’t your mother ever tell you if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? 

Another thing, people stray, they get into their imagination about another person and it becomes something they think is reality and want it.  What happens if you don’t find that other person and you’re alone?   You’re stuck without a soul to comfort you?  When you could be sitting at home with your adoring wife who gave you children and laughed at your stupid jokes for 20 years….

And speaking of stray’s.. I have a cat who is BEGGING for my attention. 

ta ta


Always, the lovely t

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